We're Not Your Father's Financial Advisor

We're Yours

Millennials operate differently than other generations. They have different needs and wants, they see no reason to work like the generations before them and largely have a big focus on a proper work/life balance.

Because millennials have unique needs, they need to be treated with a unique set of tools. Tools that are relevant specialized for them, and easy to access.

We are a practice that helps millennials where they are at and help guide them to where they want to be. We understand modern communication and the efficiency at which millennials in large part want to operate.

Below you’ll find our specific services to meet your needs.

Financial Planning


Financial Planning is offered for a fixed fee of $500. One-half paid upfront, balance of the final payment is due upon delivery of completed plan. If client elects to implement any part of the plan where Advisor or affiliated persons will be compensated, Advisor will waive the final payment.

Comprehensive Financial Planning tailored to Millennials

Includes Action Plans for paying down debt such as student loans, home loans, car loans, etc.  Also includes employer investment advice (401k, TSP, 403b), and help navigating life occurrences such as getting married, having children, etc.

An initial 60-90 minute discovery meeting

1-3 subsequent planning meetings

Recommendations, action guides, and assistance implementing various parts of the plan. Includes tackling debt, planning for retirement, assessing risk tolerance, etc.

Personal financial planning software utilized

Connections to other professionals (e.g. accountants, attorneys, etc.)

Investment Management


1.25%-2.0% of Assets Under Management

No Minimums

A thoughtfully structured investment plan based on your individual needs

Access to an Advisor to help with investment decisions

Many diversification options available

Both Active and Passive Management Available

Online Account Access and Reporting

Connections to other professionals (e.g. accountants, attorneys, etc.)